The World’s First Decentralized Hedge Fund

Invest, Vote, and Earn Yield Autonomously with the First Decentralized Investment and Hedge Fund

Powered by the Solana Blockchain


Average APY: ▲ 33.3%



+ $2,473.65





+ $530,865

Trusted by industry leaders:

Features and benefits

The all-in-one solution for automated investing.

The hedge fund industry made 218 billion in profits in 2023. Infusion is well-positioned to capture 1% of the market with its revolutionary design.

Increased profits

Access to large capital allows Infusion to earn higher profits for its investors.

Real time analytics

Powered by the Solana Blockchain, all activity and investments can be displayed in real-time.


The Infusion Fund is controlled by the community through the upcoming DAO

Unlimited usage

Discover, create and grow financial management software for the future of crypto investments.

Call to action

Buy, sell and trade digital assets the smarter way

Spend less time managing your finances and more time doing the things you enjoy.

Invest at your own risk

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Real time analytics

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Advanced tracking

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Instant payouts

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Real-Yield DeFI

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Solana Infrastructure

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The Vision

Phase 1


Q2 2024

  • Pinksale Presale
  • DEX Token Listing
  • Community Incentive Campaign
  • Token Generation Event
  • Staking Contract Audit
  • Telegram and Twitter Created
  • Token Audit

Phase 2

Launch and Foundation Phase

Q3 2024

  • First CEX listing
  • Analytics Monitoring
  • DAO Launch
  • Real-Yield Staking
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Partnerships

Phase 3


Q4 2024

  • Seed Project Funding
  • Bybit CEX Listing
  • Multi-chain Expansion
  • Presale Airdrops
  • Day Trading Feature
  • Perpetual Futures
  • Market-Making Yield


Frequently asked questions

Did Infusion have a private sale?

Infusion was designed to be decentralized and controlled by the community which is why there was never a private sale. There will be a presale to raise initial funding for the decentralized hedge fund.

What is the total supply for INFUSE?

INFUSE has a total supply of 100 million tokens. There will never be more tokens.

Does INFUSE have a buy or sell tax?

Infusion is meant to create real-yield through Solana’s ecosystem. After observing other tokens, the team agreed that adding any taxes to INFUSE would never be sustainable for the project and the community. There is not a buy or sell tax.

Will INFUSE have a presale and what will the funds be used for?

Infusion is currently preparing for its launch on Pinksale. Funds raised will be used to fund the DAO and buy Jupiter Liquidity Pool (JLP) tokens. JLP currently has a high APR (over 100%) which will fuel staking when it launches.

What is Staking and when will it launch?

Staking is Infusion’s first product. It will reward holders of INFUSE by allowing them to lock up their tokens in order to earn INFUSE. INFUSE earned from staking will be funded by buybacks of INFUSE using naturally generated yield. We expect to launch staking in late April or early May.

Is there a preview of the staking dashboard?

Soon. The team is very excited to showcase the progress they have made.